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Cookies and Cream Baking started with a love of cookies! Try as we might, we just couldn't find the PERFECT cookie. It's a good thing we love baking, and the quest to make the best cookie ever began. We still love baking cookies, and now we love sharing them with others.

Rolling Dough

We are a home based bakery passionate about making the best goodies we possibly can. We pour love and enthusiasm into everything we do. Each order is made from scratch with the utmost care, and it is our hope that our cookies bring a smile to your day.

We invite you to order a dozen of your favorite cookies or split the dozen if you can't choose just one cookie type! We also offer weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly standing  orders so you are never without fresh treats.


Our cookies are best eaten fresh, and if you can't get to them all right away, they freeze beautifully to treat yourself another day. 

We look forward to serving you!

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